快速数字化转型是世界各地组织的首要任务. 公司不仅要改变他们的业务交付, 还要为员工创造真正的数字化工作体验.

This has been accelerated by COVID-19 and the workforce transformation it set in action. 员工的期望正在改变. Two-in-five workers say they are less likely to leave the company if their employer promotes or sponsors digital health solutions. 像这样, 人力资源团队必须设计适合灵活的员工体验, 数字化工作环境.

幸运的是, accelerated digitisation has led to an explosion in digital health and well-being programmes, 哪些已经变得更加相关并获得了显著的吸引力.

However, people management practices have not kept pace with other technological developments. 涉及网络安全的风险, 个人信息丢失, 人力资源数据的维护方式加剧了系统过时的问题, 以及如何提供福利和其他人力资源计划.

HR and benefits teams will need to find ways to unite employees in a shared employee experience, 无论他们在哪里,以何种方式工作.



员工福利计划和团队, 对它们的管理和报告已经成为人们关注的焦点, 管理层的关注也在增加.

The importance of providing a globally consistent employee experience has also grown exponentially, 大流行加速了这一进程.

As employers were forced to become more than just providers of employment—but also social connection, emotional support and mental wellbeing—benefits and the systems to deliver them became more essential than ever.

当时公司收入直线下降, 人们可能预期福利预算会被削减. 然而,事实恰恰相反. 超过70%的组织 由于大流行,支出增加.

随着知名度和投资的增加, 人力资源和福利团队将受到更严格的审查, with pressure to deliver reliable data points to prove that this investment is being spent wisely and providing a tangible return on investment (ROI).

对于这个, 他们需要整合他们的数据源, 并专注于加强他们的数据分析能力.

确保你有合适的数字基础设施, benefit offerings and partners in place to face the challenges of tomorrow will be the real post-pandemic challenge for HR and reward teams.

The benefits themselves are only part of the investment that needs to be made—how they are delivered is also key. 在任何时候, 在任何地方, 任何工作场所, 在提供消费级福利方面加大投资至关重要.

正如2019冠状病毒病(COVID-19)凸显了员工福利的重要作用一样, it also highlighted the need for robust tech to respond to change and keep employees engaged.

人力资源技术必须跟上员工的期望. 在很多组织中, figuring out how to enrol and access benefits continues to be a frustrating experience.

Ease this frustration with digital solutions that gives employees easy access to well-being programmes and an intuitive benefits experience. This means you can engage better with your people and support them during moments that matter. It also provides you with better cost visibility, oversight and utilisation insights.


Five questions those responsible for HR and risk must ask to ensure that policies and practices are relevant and effective:

Are we confident the risk of a breach associated with HR data is sufficiently mitigated?
Are employees’ personal details such as salary or dependent information being shared with third parties using spreadsheets? 这个风险你能接受吗?

81% of employers said that achieving a ‘globally consistent employee experience’ is a ‘high priority’, 自2018年以来,其重要性逐年增加.

Have we modernised our health programmes in light of a rapidly changing digital health ecosystem?
在大流行之前, 68% of employers said they were likely to invest in digital health in the next five years. 雇主对高科技行业的兴趣最为浓厚, 制造/建筑, 金融服务/保险.

确保你知道谁在你的组织中推动数字化, and what contribution is needed from HR and the enterprise risk management team in order to craft a cohesive digital agenda.

Sadly, for many employees, enrolling and accessing benefits is still a frustrating experience. 在未来几年,标准将继续提高. 至少, 即使项目是高度分散的, 雇主必须确定他们的数字健康方法, 风险保护, and wellbeing programmes is and then work to continuously improve by delivering a more simple, 有趣的, 并随着时间的推移整合经验.



of HR and risk managers agree that accelerated digitisation poses a serious threat to their business.


say cybersecurity issues are likely, and 59% say these risks could have a catastrophic impact.




组织, HR teams and the employee benefits they provide have been repeatedly stress-tested in our evolving world of work. As a result, benefits and the technology used to deliver them have shot up the corporate agenda. 深入了解这对收益和技术趋势的影响.


We recognise the critical role digital solutions can play in helping employers take their reward and benefits strategy to the next level. 正确的技术解决方案将通过增强通信来提高价值, 参与和员工经验,以提高效率, 分析和风险管理.

To ensure that technology delivers the right outcomes and return on investment for your organisation, our market-leading consultancy services are also here to offer specialist support and relevant insights at every stage of the digital journey.

创新是我们数字化战略的核心, and we are committed to keeping our clients at the forefront of the ongoing technical and data revolution.

  • 达尔文


    与达尔文, you have a system that seamlessly integrates with tools you already use and gives you flexibility, 提高员工敬业度, 控制成本和降低风险-所有这些都来自一个平台.

  • 员工沟通

    Communicating the advantages of your benefits programme to employees is as important as providing those benefits in the first place.

    员工只有在了解福利的情况下,才能将其视为一种奖励, 积极参与他们的选择, 理解它们的价值.

  • 有利于你的

    A suite of complementary digital tools designed to help modern businesses get the most out of their benefits. No matter if you're an SME with operations in a single country or one of the world’s biggest multinationals, 福利你在你所在的地方遇见你, 给你实现目标所需的工具.